Library Mural

Mural in Progress...Mural in Progress...New Priest Lake Library Mural!

Jeanie Melvin, a local Priest Lake artist, coordinated an amazing feat summer 2007. We now have a beautiful wall mural in our Marcella and Jim Cooper Children's room. Jeanie, with help from, Mabel McInerney, started the project on July 9th with the Summer Reading attendees. Each child drew a pencil outline of a part of a fairy tale. During the next two weeks, Jeanie enlarged and transferred their drawings to the wall and put in the background color. On July 23rd, the children began painting their drawings on the wall. It was an exceptional sight to see. Jeanie had several 6th grade volunteers there to help, including Kelsey, Anna, Shannon, Taryn, and Sara. The ladies worked late into the night and weekends so that on our last day of Summer Reading, July 30th, everyone could see it.

It is a beautiful piece of artwork that the community will enjoy for years to come. Stop by and see it!Jack and the Bean Stalk

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